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Membership Responsibilities
  • Attendance at meetings is desired 

    • The more input the better​

    • Your chance for input on what we do and how we spend the money you help to raise

  • Help with DOT Road Cleanup if able

  • Work White Cane

  • Work Fun Daze

3rd Monday every month
Meeting called to order at: 7:00 PM
Lions Room, Gwinn Clubhouse
165 N Maple
Gwinn, MI 49841

Interested in joining?

Full Throttle 5-15-2017.png
William C. Rowe
1st Vice President
Mike Prokopowicz
2nd Vice President
Dale Vincent
William N. Rowe
Marlene Breit
Lion Tamer
Ron Libey
Tail Twister 
Lee Rowe
Board of Directors
Mark Breit
Charles Frassetto
Kris Rowe
Dwight Sunday

Bertocchi, Brad

Bertocchi, Jenny

Bertocchi, Larry

Breit, Mark

Breit, Marlene

D’Ambrosio Joe

Deatrich, Mark

Deatrich, Marlene

Fike, Gayle

Fike, Ron

Frassetto, Charles

Ghiardi, Kay

Harrison, Bill

Headley, Aryel

Johnson, Patsy

Kevern, Wayne

Kroll, Catherine

Libey, Ron, Lion Tamer

Lindeman, Peggy

Gordon Mielke

Fr. Al Mott

Nyquist, Gigi

Nyquist, Scott

Ohnstad, Cora

Prokopowicz, Mike

Rama, Becky

Rowe, Bill

Rowe, Bill Jr.

Rowe, Kris

Rowe, Lee

Sunday, Dwight

Schlumpf, Eric

Schlumpf, Meagan

Strazzinski, Kathy

Strazzinski, Ron

Steen, Sally

Sunday, Joyce

Vincent, Dale

Woodard, Nancy

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